Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Little Stop at a Local Market

On Monday, I had the day off work, so after dropping off the kid, I made my way over to Starbucks [It was double points day, and I had racked up a nice amount on my card due to their latest promos (Visa Checkout).]  Satisfied with my coffee and pastry choice, I was about to head home... then I thought "It's my day off- I can do whatever I want!"  Well, until school got out at least.

We have a few Halal markets in the area, but Red Tomatoes is my preferred store.  There is something about a hole in the wall, frequented by locals, privately owned place.  They are almost always small and quiet, sometimes a bit dark.  But the things you can find are amazing!  If you ever can't find a specific ingredient for a recipe and it's not in your favorite supermarket (which is unlikely this day in age) look for an ethnic store nearby.

Of course, the produce prices are what really get me.  Any time I go into Red Tomatoes I can find great deals (comparable to Sprouts.)  I use my app rebates that aren't store specific, think Checkout51 and Mobisave, to save even more.
My favorite item on this particular trip was the Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil on sale for just $2.99.  An especially good find cause I'm almost out!  The pickles were also on sale, and for just $0.99- a definite buy.  DB is all about trying new pickles, so these were a perfect little treat to get him.  As for the mango jam, it was $1.99, and is intended to go with peanut butter into the kiddos sandwiches.  And most likely will make it onto my toast as well.

So never be afraid to venture into an unknown market.  You never know what you'll find!

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